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Game Session 171

Hotfix had been playing Star Citizen for a few weeks now and he was already hooked. He had been playing with a few of his friends, they had all heard about the game from Hotfix and his referral code STAR-TTG2-KM9Y. Hotfix had been telling them about how they could use the referral code to get free in-game credits and Star Citizen sales event bonuses.

The friends had decided to get together and play the game, they had come up with a plan to do a mix of PVE and PVP combat missions. They had agreed to do a few bounty hunting missions, some player rescues and then some cargo hauling, salvage and mining for those who wanted a more peaceful game play.

Hotfix and his friends had been having a blast playing together, they had completed a few successful bounty hunting missions and had saved a few players from certain death. Hotfix had even managed to get a few free in-game credits from his referral code and some of the Star Citizen sales event bonuses.

Hotfix and his friends were looking forward to playing more of Star Citizen together and enjoying the mix of PVE and PVP combat missions. They were also looking forward to taking advantage of the free in-game credits and Star Citizen sales event bonuses that Hotfix’s referral code had provided them.

Mantis by Roberts Space Industries - Military;Stealth

The Hotfix, a small size Mantis star ship by Roberts Space Industries, was a sleek and powerful ship that could maneuver in and out of any situation. It was a star ship designed for stealth and military missions, allowing it to slip in and out of enemy territory without being detected.

Captain James had been flying the Hotfix for years now, and he was very fond of it. He was a master of the ship and could do maneuvers that other pilots could only dream of. He had been on many missions with the Hotfix, and each time he was able to get in and out of danger without detection.

The Hotfix was equipped with the latest in stealth technology, allowing it to remain hidden even when in the thick of battle. It was also equipped with a powerful array of weapons and defensive systems, making it a formidable opponent in any situation.

James had come to rely on the Hotfix for his missions, and he had become very comfortable with it. He was able to use it to complete his missions with speed and precision, often coming out unscathed.

On one particular mission, James was tasked with infiltrating a heavily guarded enemy base. He had to fly the Hotfix silently and undetected through a series of tight corridors and hallways before finally reaching his target. He was able to make it through without being spotted, and the mission was a success.

The Hotfix was a great ship, and James was thankful to have it. It had allowed him to complete his missions with ease, and he had grown to trust it as an invaluable part of his team. It was a ship that he could always count on to get the job done.

Star Ship Stats

ManufacturerRoberts Space Industries(RSI)
Crew (Min)1
Crew (Max)1
Length (Meters)30
Beam (Meters)17
Height (Meters)8
Mass (Kgs)225,621

Star Citizen Events

The residents of Borea (Magnus II) were abuzz with excitement as the annual Triggerfish holiday approached. Everyone was eager to participate in the pranks and jokes, and the anticipation was palpable throughout the city.

The holiday had its origins stretching back to the 16th century, but it wasn’t until the 2600s that it became known as Triggerfish. The tradition began with residents of Borea trying to convince visitors that a secret fourth planet existed in the Magnus system, called Triggerfish.

The day of the holiday finally arrived and the people of Borea were ready to start their pranks. They pulled off all sorts of jokes, from convincing people that the sun was orange instead of yellow, to making up stories about a new alien species inhabiting the system.

But then something unexpected happened. A hotfix was released by the UEE, the governing body of the Star Citizen universe. The hotfix changed the way Triggerfish was celebrated, making it so that all pranks had to be approved by the UEE before they could be executed.

This caused an uproar among the citizens of Borea, who felt that the UEE was taking away their freedom of expression. But eventually, they accepted the new rules, and the Triggerfish holiday continued as usual.

Though the rules had changed, the spirit of Triggerfish remained the same. People still played pranks and shouted “Triggerfish!” when one was complete. And even though the UEE had put restrictions in place, the people of Borea still celebrated the holiday with the same enthusiasm as before.
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