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Game Session 202

Hotfix was a passionate gamer who enjoyed playing Star Citizen with his friends. He had been a loyal player since the game was released and had built up a name for himself in the community.

Hotfix was always the one to organize the group's gaming sessions. He would carefully plan the missions they were going to do, ranging from PVE and PVP combat to bounty hunting, player rescues and cargo hauling, salvage and mining.

He had always been generous with his referral code, STAR-TTG2-KM9Y, which he shared with his friends. It gave them free in-game credits and Star Citizen sales event bonuses.

Hotfix and his friends would stay up late into the night playing their favorite game. They had created a strong bond between them and always looked forward to their next gaming session.

Hotfix was always the leader of the group and was respected by everyone. He knew the game inside and out and was always ready to help out his friends with any questions they had.

He was always on the lookout for new opportunities in the game and was always the first to know about new sales events and updates.

Star Citizen was Hotfix's passion and he enjoyed every moment of playing it with his friends. He was proud to be part of such an amazing community of gamers and would continue to share his referral code with anyone who asked.

RAFT by Argo Astronautics - Medium Freight

Hotfix had been dreaming of flying a star ship since he was a child. He had heard about the amazing feats that star ships could do and the adventures they could take you on. Now, he was finally getting the chance to make his dreams a reality.

Hotfix had just purchased a Medium size "RAFT" star ship by Argo Astronautics. It was a sleek and powerful star ship that was capable of handling a variety of tasks. It had a capacity of 96 (3x32) (SCU) and a total mass of 1,183,477.88 kgs, measuring in at 39.5 meters in length.

Hotfix was amazed by the power and capabilities of this star ship. It was capable of performing a variety of missions, from delivery and freight missions to exploration and combat. He was eager to take it for a spin and see what it could do.

Hotfix jumped in the cockpit and fired up the engines. He immediately felt the power of the ship as it roared to life. He pushed the throttle forward and felt the ship surge forward. The star ship was incredibly responsive and maneuverable. He weaved in and out of asteroids and planetary bodies with ease.

Hotfix was amazed by the capabilities of the star ship. He took it out on a few delivery and freight missions and was able to complete them with ease. He was also able to explore a few new planets and was able to discover new resources and artifacts.

Hotfix was ecstatic. He had finally achieved his dream of flying a star ship and it was everything he had imagined and more. He was now able to experience the wonders of space and explore the universe. He was now living his dream and it was all thanks to the incredible Medium size "RAFT" star ship by Argo Astronautics.

Star Ship Stats

RoleMedium Freight
ManufacturerArgo Astronautics(ARGO)
Crew (Min)1
Crew (Max)2
Length (Meters)39.5
Beam (Meters)23
Height (Meters)12
Mass (Kgs)1,183,477.88

Star Citizen Events

The citizens of the UEE were abuzz with excitement as the annual Stella Fortuna celebration drew near. This year, the festivities were to be held on the planet Crusader in honor of St Patrick's Day.

The people of Crusader had been preparing for weeks, decorating the city and its surrounding areas with gold and green decorations. People were gathering from all over the galaxy to take part in the festivities.

On the day of the celebration, the people of Crusader descended upon the city in droves. The streets were filled with music and laughter as the citizens celebrated the holiday.

Just as the festivities were about to begin, however, a Hotfix was announced. It seemed that the Vanduul had come to disrupt the holiday festivities. The people of Crusader were in an uproar, but the UEE military was quick to respond.

The Vanduul ships were quickly dispatched and the citizens of Crusader were relieved that the celebration could continue. The people of Crusader continued to celebrate Stella Fortuna with renewed vigor.

The holiday was a success and everyone was in high spirits. People danced and feasted in the streets, and the fireworks lit up the night sky.

The citizens of Crusader had pushed their luck, and Lady Fortuna had rewarded them with success. Stella Fortuna was a success, and the people of Crusader were thankful to have been able to celebrate the holiday without any interference from the Vanduul.
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