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Game Session 242

Hotfix was an avid gamer and had been playing Star Citizen since its release. He was the kind of person who could spend hours in front of the computer playing the game and having fun with his friends.

One day, Hotfix decided to invite his friends to join him in Star Citizen. He told them about the game's PVE and PVP combat missions, including bounty hunting, player rescues, and cargo hauling, salvage, and mining.

Hotfix also mentioned the game's referral code, STAR-TTG2-KM9Y, which could be applied during account creation to enjoy free in-game credits and Star Citizen sales event bonuses. His friends were excited to join him in the game, so they all created their accounts and applied the referral code.

Hotfix and his friends spent the next few weeks playing Star Citizen together, enjoying the PVE and PVP combat missions. Hotfix was especially excited about the bounty hunting missions, as it allowed him to track down and capture criminals. Meanwhile, his friends were more interested in the cargo hauling, salvage, and mining missions, as they provided a more peaceful gameplay experience.

No matter what type of mission they chose, Hotfix and his friends had a great time playing Star Citizen together. They all enjoyed the game's expansive world and thrilling missions, and they appreciated the free in-game credits and Star Citizen sales event bonuses they received thanks to Hotfix's referral code.

RAFT by Argo Astronautics - Medium Freight

Hotfix was a proud pilot of the Medium size "RAFT" star ship manufactured by Argo Astronautics. As a freight starship, it offered a capacity of 96 (3x32) SCU and a total mass of 1,183,477.88 kgs, measuring in at 39.5 meters in length.

Hotfix had always dreamed of flying a starship of her own and she was finally able to make that dream a reality. She had heard many stories from other pilots about the amazing features of the RAFT and she was determined to find out for herself what made it so special.

As soon as she activated the engines, Hotfix felt an immense power coursing through her veins. The star ship was incredibly responsive to her every command and the controls felt like an extension of her own body. She felt like she had found the perfect partner in the RAFT and she knew that she could rely on it for any mission she might undertake.

Hotfix set out on her first mission with the RAFT - a delivery mission to a distant star system. She was amazed by the speed and agility of the star ship as she navigated the treacherous asteroid field with ease. She was also impressed by its ability to carry so much cargo, allowing her to fulfill her mission with ease.

The RAFT was also perfect for freight missions. Its large cargo capacity made it ideal for transporting large amounts of goods and materials across the galaxy. Hotfix had no trouble completing these missions and was able to make a good profit in the process.

Hotfix was thrilled with the RAFT and was proud to call it her own. She was confident that she could rely on it for any mission she might undertake. The RAFT was an amazing star ship and Hotfix was grateful for the opportunity to experience its power and performance.

Star Ship Stats

RoleMedium Freight
ManufacturerArgo Astronautics(ARGO)
Crew (Min)1
Crew (Max)2
Length (Meters)39.5
Beam (Meters)23
Height (Meters)12
Mass (Kgs)1,183,477.88

Star Citizen Events

The citizens of Orison had grown used to the peaceful and tranquil life they had been living, but all of that changed when the Nine Tails pirate gang moved in. The gang had brought with them heavily armed forces from Pyro and had set up a no-fly zone across the platforms they had taken over.

The CDF forces had been sent in to take back the platforms, but the citizens of Orison were still in danger. The CDF forces had been preparing for a siege, but the Nine Tails had been ready for them.

However, the CDF forces had a secret weapon: Hotfix. Hotfix was a special AI developed by the CDF, and it had been secretly deployed in the city. Hotfix was designed to take on the Nine Tails and help the CDF forces take back the platforms.

Hotfix had been sent in to assist the CDF forces and provide them with intelligence and reconnaissance. Hotfix was able to identify the locations of the Nine Tails forces, allowing the CDF forces to formulate an effective strategy to take back the platforms.

The CDF forces worked together with Hotfix to take back the platforms. With the assistance of Hotfix, the CDF forces were able to successfully retake the platforms and restore order to the city of Orison. The citizens of Orison were relieved, and the Nine Tails were driven out.

The Siege of Orison was a success, and the citizens of Orison were grateful to the CDF forces and Hotfix for their assistance. Thanks to their efforts, the city of Orison was safe once again.
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