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Game Session 276

Hotfix had been playing Star Citizen for many months now with his friends, and they had become quite adept at the various activities the game offered. Whether it was bounty hunting, player rescues, cargo hauling, salvage, or mining, they had done it all.

But today was special. It was the start of the Star Citizen sales event and Hotfix was excited to take advantage of the bonuses that came with it. He had already spread the word to his friends to use his referral code - STAR-TTG2-KM9Y - when creating their accounts, so they could all get the free in-game credits.

His friends were equally as excited and were eager to get started. Hotfix was the first to launch himself into the game, and he quickly set out to join his friends in their PVE and PVP combat missions.

The group had a blast as they moved from mission to mission, each one more thrilling than the last. Hotfix found himself enjoying the challenge and the thrill of the fight. He was even able to take down a bounty hunter or two with his friends' help.

Finally, after hours of play, the group was satisfied and decided to call it a night. Hotfix was pleased with the progress they had made and was looking forward to the next time they could all get together and play.

Not only had Hotfix and his friends had fun, but they had also taken advantage of the referral code and the sales event bonuses. He was thankful he had done so, as it had provided them with the extra edge they needed to take on the more difficult missions.

The next time they all got together to play, Hotfix was sure it would be just as fun and just as successful.

Cutlass Blue by Drake Interplanetary - Interdiction

Hotfix had been dreaming of flying a star ship ever since he was a kid. He had always wanted to explore the stars and the planets of the universe. Growing up, he had heard stories of the amazing ships that could take him to places he had never seen before.

It was with great excitement then, that he finally saved up enough money to buy his own star ship. After much research, he decided to buy the Medium size "Cutlass Blue" star ship by "Drake Interplanetary", a ship renowned for its reliability and performance.

The first time he flew the star ship was a dream come true. The controls were smooth and responsive, and the ship handled like a dream. He was amazed at how quickly he could get to his destination and how fast he could get back.

He soon found himself doing missions for various organizations and corporations, using the ship's Interdiction role to capture and transport cargo or to take out enemies. The ship's agility and speed made it the perfect tool for these tasks.

Hotfix soon became a master at piloting the Cutlass Blue and was soon the talk of the town. People would come from all over to see him in action, and to watch him perform amazing feats in his star ship.

He had found his place in the universe, and it was all thanks to the amazing Cutlass Blue.

Star Ship Stats

NameCutlass Blue
ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary(DRAK)
Crew (Min)2
Crew (Max)2
Length (Meters)29
Beam (Meters)26.5
Height (Meters)10
Mass (Kgs)226,700

Star Citizen Events

The people of the UEE had been celebrating Stella Fortuna for years. It was a holiday that brought out the best in humanity and was a cause for celebration for all.

This year, however, the celebration was different. The people of the UEE had been dealing with the Vanduul threat and the constant attacks on their colonies. It had been a trying year, and everyone was looking for a chance to celebrate something.

So, when the call went out for citizens to join the Stella Fortuna celebration, they answered in droves. People from all over the UEE gathered in the capital of Sol IV to take part in the festivities.

The celebration was in full swing, with fireworks lighting up the sky and the smell of feasting filling the air. Everyone was having a great time, until the Vanduul struck.

The Vanduul had been planning a massive attack on the Sol system and had chosen Stella Fortuna as the perfect time to launch it. They attacked the capital with a massive fleet of ships, intent on destroying the festivities.

The citizens of the UEE were ready for them, however. The UEE had been secretly preparing for such an attack and had been working on a new hotfix for their ships. The hotfix was designed to give the ships an extra boost of speed and power in the heat of battle.

The citizens of the UEE were able to use the hotfix to outmaneuver the Vanduul ships and were able to repel the attack. The Vanduul were forced to retreat, and the UEE was victorious.

The people of the UEE celebrated long into the night, grateful for the victory and thankful that Stella Fortuna had brought them good luck. From that day forward, Stella Fortuna was celebrated as a day of good fortune, luck, and success.
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